Episode 43: We mock drafted so you wouldn’t have to . . .

We did a mock draft so that you wouldn’t have in the lead up to the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday at 8p.m. eastern, and is going to be a moderately good time. The lack of QB talent in the class, along with athletes with that have trouble staying out of trouble (criminal and drug test results), make for an experience where we’ll be seeing interesting picks throughout the first round.

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Episode 12: Where we hop on the bandwagon and discuss Kaepernick

Buccs Can

The buccs might have the coolest beer can on the market.


Three stories:

  1. Nascar Points Standings and the shitshow that things are after this weekend.
  2. Shortening the NFL preseason
  3. Colin Kaeperprick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem


Kastle-4; Connor- 3; Catman- 2. Kastle and Catman picked up points off of Cal crushing Hawaii down in Australia.

This week we are picking AFC East, Alabama vs. USC, Notre Dame vs. Texas, LSU vs Wisconsin, and Darlington Raceway:

Kastle: Patriots, USC, Texas, LSU, Ryan Blaney

Chappers: Patriots, Alabama, Notre Dame, LSU, Concrete CARL

Catman: Patriots, Alabama, Notre Dame, LSU, Chase Elliott




© California Golden Bears

Cal vs. Hawaii in Sydney, Australia, 10pm ET Friday, Aug. 26 on ESPN



This week we discuss the profitability of college football programs, the availability of rental athletes (or as Chappers so elegantly puts it: Rent-a-Kenyan), and fan expectations when it comes to the NFL.


Predictions: AFC South, MIS Sprint Cup Race, Hawaii vs. Cal

Kastle: Colts, Denny “THE MAN” Hamlin, Cal

Chappers: Colts, Joey “FUCK FACE” Logano, Hawaii

Catman: Colts, Brad “I CAN’T DRIVE SOMETIMES” Crashalotski, Cal


Episode 02: Copa America, Gamesmanship, and The US Open

(Copyright USGA/Joel Kowsky)
General view of the clubhouse on the 18th hole during a practice round for the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pa. on Monday, June 13, 2016. (Copyright USGA/Joel Kowsky)

Welcome back after our brief break and thanks for sticking with us! This episode, Chappers, Catman, and Kastle discuss Copa America, The Art of Gamesmanship, and The US Open . . . for a second time. We are not guaranteeing that we understand the topics any better than we did the first time, but the discussion is a little bit more intense than it was the first time.

We had a separate post on Monday detailing what’s been up with us, but the short of it is that we tried to record remotely last thursday, 2/3 of the tripod forgot to wear headphones while recording, and the microphones picked up EVERYTHING. The media wasn’t salvageable.


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All-Star Race

Episode 01: NASCAR All-Star Race, Tom Brady’s Appeal, and the NFL Draft!

Tripod Sports Podcast!

As the title states, Chappers, Catman, and Kastle discuss the mess that was the rules from the NASCAR All-Star race, Tom Brady’s last hope for evading justice, and the NFL Draft.


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