Episode 33: Where we have a Gronk-Old-Party

© CJ Gunther / EPA


We talk Kevin Love and the Cavs, the super bowl, the halftime halftime show,  and reveal the results of our ridiculous prop bets.

Prop Bets:

  1. Team to win
    1. Catman and Kastle picked correct, Pats
  2. What color was the gatorade to be dumped?
    1. push, no gatorade
  3. Number of times “Greatest of all time” was used on broadcast: o/u 5.5
    1. Catman, Chappers, Kastle, under
  4. # of commercials featuring Peyton Manning, o/u 1.5
    1. Push, under
  5. # of times “Deflate” or “Deflategate” used on broadcast, o/u 1.5
    1. push, under
  6. National anthem run-time: o/u 2:15
    1. Catman, under
  7. Lady Gaga’s hair color, Blonde, Blue,  Any other color
    1. Catman, blonde

Prediction score update: Catman 50, Chappers 48, Kastle 43

Pick for this week: Blackhaws vs. Wild

Catman: Wild

Chappers: Blackhawks

Kastle: Blackhawks

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