Episode 25: Where we throw a tantrum about coaching tantrums and the English Premier League


Two stories for the podcast: coaches throwing tantrums on the sidelines and how that’s a bad look; and, an English Premier League update courtesy of Catman.

Predictions:We went 4 for 5, the Oklahoma game is played this week, so we jumped the gun on that prediction.  28 Chappers; 28 Catman; Kastle 24.

GotW: KC vs. ATL; DFotW: SF vs. CHI; NCAA: Let’s carry over the OU/OKST picks from last week

Chappers: Atlanta, Chicago, Clemson, Oklahoma

Catman: Kansas City, Chicago, Clemson, Oklahoma

Kastle: Atlanta, Chicago, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State

One thought on “Episode 25: Where we throw a tantrum about coaching tantrums and the English Premier League

  1. Dusty says:

    How can you mention piece of shit coaches and forget the biggest POS of them all, Bobby Knight? Hell, all Harbaugh wants is cake. He wants cake now.

    I think you throw the flag on coaches bitching on the sidelines about the time you throw the flag for players jawjacking at each other on the field. It’s a subjective issue that I really depends on how offensive the coach is being. OBJ whacking the kicking net then having a love affair with it doesn’t bother me in the least. Coaches arguing with the refs doesn’t much bother me either, they’re standing up for their team; right up until it disrupts play. They definitely should throw the flag more.

    In terms of coaches breaking shit on the sidelines, I’m not necessarily sure that needs a penalty attached to it. If the coaches are actively in the faces of their own staff, wouldn’t that serve to demoralize the team as a whole and affect their performance on the field? Or is that naivete? Sideline things don’t need to be policed by the officials, I think that’s for the NFL itself to knock heads. There are enough penalties in the league as it is.

    The fart was audible.

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