Episode 24: lol . . .Browns, JJ wins the Sprint Cup Championship, and the college football playoff committee.


Two and a half stories this week: .5 story is the fact that the Browns are now on the 0-16 watchlist after being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention this week; the NASCAR champion JJ winning at homestead and a quick season/race recap; and a CFB playoff discussion championed by Catman.

Predictions: 24 Chappers; 24 Catman; Kastle 20. Kastle went 4/4 on picks last weekend.

GotW: Redskins vs Cowboys on Thanksgiving

DFotW: 49ers vs Dolphins or Chargers vs Texans

NCAA: Oklahoma vs OkState or Auburn vs Alabama or Ichigan vs Ohio State

Chappers: Cowboys, Lolphins, Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State

Catman: Cowboys, Lolphins, Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State

Kastle: Cowboys, lolphins, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Ohio State

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