Episode 23: Where we take sports too seriously and discuss NFL rookie of the year and the MVP race

© Mariah; Catman and his fiance’s Christmas tree.


Catman is out and about today working on wedding planning . . .  or decorating a Christmas tree, but never fear, we brought Kevin back to fill-in in his absence.

Two stories today: Fans taking sports too seriously . . . a topic that we will be discussion on a sports podcast . . .; and, a quick discussion of the race for Rookie of the Year and MVP in the NFL.

Predictions: Chappers 22, Catman 21, Kastle 16

GotW: Texans vs Raider in MEXICO CITY ON MONDAY NIGHT, vamos al Estadio Azteca; DFotW: Dolphins vs. Rams (Dolphins continue their west coast trip); NCAA: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia, I hate putting OU in back to back GotWs, but this is a huge matchup; NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.

Kev: Texans, Rams, Oklahoma, Concrete Carl

Chap: Raiders, Rams, Oklahoma, RKB

Cat: Raiders, Dolphins, Oklahoma, Logano

Kastle: Raiders, Dolphins, Oklahoma, JJ

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