Episode 22: Where we stiff-arm our way into the NBA season

Ricky Williams with his Heisman trophy.


Again, a huge thank you to RDGLDGRN for our intro and outro music.RDGLDGRN iTunes | Runnin Away (Single) | Karnival (NEWEST SINGLE) | Facebook | Twitter

Two stories tonight: Heisman watch list- an honest review of the candidates and their play; and an NBA season primer, now that we are three weeks into the season . . .

Predictions: Chappers 20, Catman 18+bonus= 19, Kastle 14

GotW: atl/phi; DFotW: Browns vs. Ravens; NCAA: Baylor vs Oklahoma (only top 25 matchup this week)

Ch: Atlanta, Ravens, Oklahoma, Kenseth

Ca: Atlanta, Ravens, Oklahoma, Jimmie

Ka: Atlanta, Ravens, Oklahoma, Rowdy Kyle Busch

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