Episode 20: Where we go sleepless in the Big 12

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Two stories this week: NFL West Coast teams traveling east, which finally becomes a problem for the east coast teams when they head to London, so I can’t imagine what the Rams felt like this past weekend jumping ahead 8 hours; and story 2: the Big 12’s HUMONGOUS screw up by failing to expand. 

Predictions: Chappers at 13, Catman at 12, Kastle at 9.

GotW: Patriots vs. Bills; DumpsterFiresotW: Jets vs. Browns, Jags vs. Titans ;NCAA: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

Kevin: Patriots, Browns, Jags, Wisconsin; Chappers: Patriots, Jets, Titans, Wisconsin; Catman: Patriots, Browns, Titans, Wisconsin; Kastle: Patriots, Jets, Jags, Wisconsin

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