Episode 19: Where we have a new intro and outro courtesy of RDGLDGRN

© Sarah Hassan
RDGLDGRN © Sarah Hassan

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A few stories tonight that we’ll really flush out as the episode goes on, but we’ll be talking about Chapper’s and Catman’s experience at the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game this weekend, I’m hitting on the NFL attempting to legislate fun in the league, and I think we should have a brief discussion on QB busts in the NFL this year. I’m springing this one on the guys late, so you’ll be hearing our actual reaction, sans preparation, so it’s as close as you’ll get to our conversations that we have as we stand around chugging beers.

Predictions: Chappers and I both scored points with Houston’s win in the Sunday night dumpsterfire, new point totals are Chappers at 11, Catman at 10, Kastle at 9.

GotW: Redskins vs. Lions; DFotW: Buccs vs. 49ers; CFBGotW: Ole Miss vs LSU; NASCAR (Talladega):

Chappers: Lions, 49ers, LSU, Denny

Catman: Redskins, Bucs,LSU, Brad

Kastle: Redskins, 49ers, OLE Miss, Concrete Carl


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