Episode 16: Where we want Kluwe to come back and join us every week!

How to make a podcast . . .
How to make a podcast . . .

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Before we get to the stories, let’s take a look back to the big news and results from last week:

  1. Kevin Harvick, the freakyfast loser, won this weekend at New Hampshire this weekend. A bit of an oxymoron that the freakyfast loser won, but alas weirder things have happened in life.
    1. Truex and Harvick are guaranteed to be put through to the next round of the chase, NASCAR’s playoff system, and the round of 12 is shaping up as follows:
      1. Brad, RKB, Kenseth, Logano, Hamlin, Johnson, Elliott, Edwards, Assassin Busch, and Kyle Larson.
  2. Rory “I’m a Who” McIlroy won in Atlanta after a four-hole playoff and laid claim to the Fed-Ex cup.
    1. The Ryder Cup at Hazeltine in Minnesota starts on Friday, be on the lookout for those scores this weekend.
  3. Big shake up in current and ex NFL players getting arrested this weekend. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Bucs TE, arrested for DUI last Thursday and subsequently released from the Bucs and then picked up by the Jets. Greg “I’m a piece of shit for beating up women” Hardy, arrested for cocaine possession. Originally pulled over for failure to use a turn signal, he consented to a search of his vehicle, at which point the officer found a purple baggie with cocaine in his center console.
    1. PSA about getting pulled over. Never consent to a search. That’s just asking for trouble even if you have nothing to hide. 

      Predictions: Only person to score any points last week, other than our guest, was Chappers. Our new point totals are: Catman 7, Chappers 7, and Kastle 5.

      Ryder Cup winner, Game of the week is: Vikings vs. Giants (Patriots vs. Bills alternate) , Dumpsterfire of the week is: Colts vs. Jags in London (Chargers vs Saints alternate). NCAA game of the week: Louisville v. Clemson
      Catman: USA, Vikings, Colts, Clemson

      Chappers: USA, Vikings, Colts, Clemson

      Kastle: Europe, Vikings, Jags, Louisville

      Shoutouts: Megan in Austin, Lauren in Sah-vage, Sean in Charlotte, House in Riverview, and of course our usual crew: Troy, Brent, Nick,

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