Episode 14: NCAA Cupcake Games and NFL Week 1 Reflections


Two stories this week: NCAA football programs scheduling cupcake games and their ability to lose said games brought to you by Catman; and a week 1 NFL performance report that is being co-championed by Chappers and myself.

Game of the Week:Green Bay vs. Minnesota (New Stadium, Sunday Night Football

Dumpsterfire of the week: Philly vs. Chicago (Battle for the least productive offense?)

NCAA Game of the Week: tOSU vs. OU

  • Kastle: Raiders, Green Bay, Chicago, OU
  • Catman: Chiefs, Minnesota, Chicago, tOSU
  • Chappers Broncos, Green Bay, Chicago, tOSU

3 thoughts on “Episode 14: NCAA Cupcake Games and NFL Week 1 Reflections

  1. Dusty says:

    So many good games this opening weekend! Four one point games, first time in 34 years! Was it….6?…4th quarter come-from-behind wins.

    Say a prayer for the Cardinals. They looked like they did in pre-season sadly. However, now that the pressure is off a bit I think they’ll do a lot better. I think they came into the season with huge expectations, and while those expectations are still there I think that after a hard-fought loss they’ll be able to reset, relax and play like they usually do, if that makes sense. That is not the Cardinal’s team we’re used to.

    Go Vikings! Go Bears. Fuck the Buckeyes.

    • Kastle says:

      I think the cardinals will pep up as the first few seasons kick on, but I think it was Catman that was saying that they need to spread the ball around a little more.Just because Carson and Larry have that magical connection doesn’t mean that they should exclusively be licking each other’s butts on the field. I like the way this team transforms if you incorporate John Brown, let David Johnson do his thing, and take some pressure off of Fitz. He’s too old to carry that team like that!

      • Dusty says:

        Yeah. I think Fitz has this season and one more in him, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t retire after 2017. Jaron Brown is a total sleeper, Fitz has a good protege in him I think. David Johnson has some great potential, and John Brown is always a factor. Dominant win against Tampa Bay, but not surprised at that result. We’ll see, there’s a long road ahead.

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