Episode 08: Where we’ve run out of Star Wars puns . . .

Olympics Logo Reworked

No Olympics discussion today, but how is this not amazing?


We have a discussion about the role of weather and weather delays in sports, a top 10 college football preview, and contract holdouts in the NFL.

We want to say thank you again to Troy for coming on the show last week, and doing such a phenomenal job!

Predictions: Canadian Football League, NFC West, and Watkins Glen:

Kastle: Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Cardinals, and Jeff Gordon

Chappers: Tiger-Cats, Cardinals, and Concrete Carl

Catman: Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Cardinals, and Kyle Larson

One thought on “Episode 08: Where we’ve run out of Star Wars puns . . .

  1. Dusty says:

    Little to say this week, especially because I know next to nothing about college football, except for my deep-seated hatred of Ohio State.

    My only comment about the NASCAR/weather thing is that could they maybe impose a time limit? Halfway or….5 hours, whichever is shorter?

    I’m also coining a new term today. A Jimmy Walker is a euphemism for a prostitute.

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