Episode 07: The Force of having a guest awakens our conversation!

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The episode where at least the drug dealers in Rio are looking out for the kids


Three topics today plus a special guest, Troy!!!!!!!!!!

  1. NFL training camp
  2. The Russian Problem
  3. PGA Championship

Predictions: NFC South, Pocono, PGA Championship

  1. Kastle: Buccaneers (SKINNY JAMEIS, NO MORE CRAB LEGS AFTER 7PM), Jeff Gordon, and Dustin Johnson
  2. Chappers: Panthers, Brad Crashalotzski, Jason Day
  3. Troy: Saints, Jeff Gordon, Sergio Garcia
  4. Catman: Panthers (duh), Jimmie Johnson, Bubba Watson

3 thoughts on “Episode 07: The Force of having a guest awakens our conversation!

  1. Dusty says:

    I for one am super excited about the start of training camp, not least of which means that football is upon us once again. It’s about the only time I get to see my team in person, mostly because I’m way too cheap to get to an actual game, and y’all touched on all the points that make training camp great. For me especially it’s the level of access we as fans get to the players, but it’s also neat to get the first look at new picks, and second and third stringers who you usually don’t get to see play.

    As for the goddamned Olympics, what a shit show. I have heard nothing good over the last few weeks. The only interesting thing I saw was that the athletes are being supplied with 450,000 condoms to hopefully prevent the spread of ebolzika and whatever other nasty shit they got down there. Talk about a shithole. Bernie Eccelstone’s mother in law was just kidnapped in Sao Paulo and ransomed for 37 million a couple days ago. Let the Russians play, it’s the least of their worries.

      • Dusty says:

        Seriously, there has to be some nasty-ass shit down there. Shitty games in a shitty country. Someone took a massive bribe to get the games there. Who thought it was a good idea? The IOC has to be as corrupt as those pricks who run boxing.

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