Episode 06: The Return of the Football Discussion

Where we went and watched a baseball game and it was okay . . . the beer was phenomenal though. That has nothing to do with our discussion today though. . .

Chappers leads us off with a quick discussion of rivalries, Catman gets us all revved up on a discussion of eliminating kickoffs, and Kastle tries to turn the arguments used by the other two in the previous discussion against them. . .

Picks for the week are for the NASCAR race at Indy, and we picked an NFC East team to win the division. For the next seven weeks we’ll pick an NFL division winner and will wrap the week before the first game!:

  • Kastle: Driver of the 88 car, and the Cowboys
  • Chappers: Jimmie Johnson and the Cowboys
  • Catman: Tony Stewart and the Redskins

2 thoughts on “Episode 06: The Return of the Football Discussion

  1. Dusty says:

    It’s pretty simple. If you’re afraid of getting hurt, don’t play the fucking game. There’s a fine line between player safety and making it so the game is something completely different than what it used to be, and these guys are getting paid a shitload of money to get knocked around. It’s not like they don’t know what they’re getting into. I can see the NCAA doing away with the kickoff, but not the NFL. A good kickoff return can be the impetus for a massive drive. How is a 90 yard kickoff return not exciting? Or a 50 yard return with a couple huge plays off that momentum?

    This is the same kick (bad pun, sorry) that Formula 1 is on, and it pisses me off. (Reference the halo system Ferrari are cooking up to see what I’m on about.) Don’t drive the car, leave the team, take your millions of dollars and enjoy being a retired rich asshole….unless your’re Mike Tyson and can find a way to blow $300 million.

    Keep going guys, it’s going great!

    • Kastle says:


      I cannot agree more with you more. The NCAA can get rid of it if they want, but the 90 yard return is one of the most exhilarating plays in the game. Same with formula 1. DOn’t want to get hurt? Go work an office job!

      Thanks for listening and we cannot thank you enough!


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