King Green and Kastle talk sports!


A new segment that we’ll be doing at least once a month, twice if we can line up guests, will be about the universality of sports. Who are you?  Where are you from? How have sports, both participating in or being a fan of, impacted your life?

King Green and Kastle have a conversation about all that and more!

Many thanks to King Green for being our first guest on for the new segment!

Episode 39: Jeff Gluck joins us for a NASCAR and March Madness discussion


Many thanks to Jeff Gluck for joining us this evening for our episode on NASCAR and a  brief March Madness discussion!

Make sure you visit Jeff at his website, twitter, snapchat: jeff_gluck,  and his podcast!

Predictions: Catman 61, Chappers 54, Kastle 53;

Final Four games, Martinsville winner:

Gluck: Gonzaga, UNC, Denny

Catman: SC, UNC, JJ

Chappers: Gonzaga, UNC, Kenseth

Kastle: Gonzaga, UNC, Dale JR

Thank you to Jeff for taking the time to be with us tonight, we appreciate it so much and look forward to possibly having you back on the show in the future!

Episode 38: March Sadness

Ok, two stories: NCAA tourney recap, and NBA players resting as we come down the stretch. The second story is something that happens in every sport, so I have a feeling the train will come off of the track and we’ll be tossing that discussion around.

Predictions: Catman 57, Chappers 51, Kastle 48

Bill Murray: o/u 4.5, Kastle under, Chappers and Catman over

Sweet 16 picks:

Catman:Wisconsin, South Carolina, West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon,  UNC, UCLA

Chappers: Wisconsin, Baylor, West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, UNC, UCLA

Kastle: Florida, Baylor, Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, UNC, UCLA


Episode 19: Where we have a new intro and outro courtesy of RDGLDGRN

© Sarah Hassan
RDGLDGRN © Sarah Hassan

RDGLDGRN iTunes | Runnin Away (Single) | Karnival (NEWEST SINGLE)


A few stories tonight that we’ll really flush out as the episode goes on, but we’ll be talking about Chapper’s and Catman’s experience at the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game this weekend, I’m hitting on the NFL attempting to legislate fun in the league, and I think we should have a brief discussion on QB busts in the NFL this year. I’m springing this one on the guys late, so you’ll be hearing our actual reaction, sans preparation, so it’s as close as you’ll get to our conversations that we have as we stand around chugging beers.

Predictions: Chappers and I both scored points with Houston’s win in the Sunday night dumpsterfire, new point totals are Chappers at 11, Catman at 10, Kastle at 9.

GotW: Redskins vs. Lions; DFotW: Buccs vs. 49ers; CFBGotW: Ole Miss vs LSU; NASCAR (Talladega):

Chappers: Lions, 49ers, LSU, Denny

Catman: Redskins, Bucs,LSU, Brad

Kastle: Redskins, 49ers, OLE Miss, Concrete Carl


Episode 17: Where the RYDER CUP WAS AMAZING

Braden Holtby is the best . . . and has nothing to do with this episode.




Two topics tonight: NFL Week 4 winners and losers; and The Ryder Cup.


Score update Chappers and Catman at 9, I jumped up to 6. I should have taken Clemson after all.

Game of the Week: Bengals vs. Cowboys; Dumpsterfire of the Week: Buccs vs. Panthers (ON MONDAY NIGHT?); NCAA Game of the Week: Alabama vs. Arkansas

House: Cowboys, Titans, Bama,

Catman: Bengals, Dolphins, Bama

Chappers: Bengals, Lolphins, Bama

Kastle: Bengals, Titans, Bama,

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