Episode 65: NFL Hijinks, NASCAR’s Last Ride, and CFB Reactions

Predictions: Finally tallied the points from the crazy scheduled october weeks: Chappers 77, Kastle 70, Catman 69. I wasn’t able to pull the predictions from 62 because the audio wasn’t synced, so if you guys have that written down somewhere give it to me and I’ll fix it; otherwise, we are here as of now.

GotW: Rams vs Vikings or Raiders vs Pats?

DFotW: Bucs vs Dolphins, Packers vs Ravens, Cardinals vs Texans


Nascar Championship Winner:

Chappers: Vikings, Raiders, Bucs, Packers, Texans USC, RKB

Kastle: Rams, Pats, Bucs, Packers, Texans,  USC, Brad

Catman: Vikings, Raiders, Bucs, Ravens, Texans USC, Truex JR.


Episode 64: We go off script

Predictions: I still need to calculate from the two weeks that we ran as an incomplete crew, but Chappers is for sure still in the lead . . .

Game of the Week: Saints vs. Bills

Dumpsterfire of the week: Giants vs. 49ers

NCAA Game of the Weeks: Catholics vs. Convicts; O/U ejections 1.5

Chappers: Bills, Niners, Convicts, Under

Catman: Bills, Niners, Convicts, Over

Kastle: Saints, Giants, Convicts, Under

Episode 43: We mock drafted so you wouldn’t have to . . .

We did a mock draft so that you wouldn’t have in the lead up to the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday at 8p.m. eastern, and is going to be a moderately good time. The lack of QB talent in the class, along with athletes with that have trouble staying out of trouble (criminal and drug test results), make for an experience where we’ll be seeing interesting picks throughout the first round.

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Episode 32: The Big Game and our NFL woes

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Predictions:  Catman at 43, Chappers at 43, and Kastle at 38

Kastle got the falcons pick correct, we all missed out when we picked the steelers.

Division picks, after it was all said and done, Catman and Kastle walked away with 3 correct picks, Chappers found a fourth.

New point total: Chappers 47, Catman 46, Kastle 41.

Falcons vs. Patriots: Over/Under: 58.5, Spread: New England (-3), Money Line (Straight-up): New England (-157) and Atlanta (+137)

Chappers: Falcons, Orange, Under, Over, Over, Over, Any other color

Catman: Patriots, Orange, under, Over, Over, Under, Blonde

Kastle: Patriots, Blue, Under, Over, Over, Over, Any other color