Episode 38: March Sadness

Ok, two stories: NCAA tourney recap, and NBA players resting as we come down the stretch. The second story is something that happens in every sport, so I have a feeling the train will come off of the track and we’ll be tossing that discussion around.

Predictions: Catman 57, Chappers 51, Kastle 48

Bill Murray: o/u 4.5, Kastle under, Chappers and Catman over

Sweet 16 picks:

Catman:Wisconsin, South Carolina, West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon,  UNC, UCLA

Chappers: Wisconsin, Baylor, West Virginia, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, UNC, UCLA

Kastle: Florida, Baylor, Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, UNC, UCLA


Episode 03: The Cavs, Baylor’s Failure, and The USGA’s Colossal Screw Up




First, we’ll discuss the NBA finals and the end to the championship drought in Cleveland; second, we’ll discuss the events that led up to the firing of Art Briles at Baylor, his potential reinstatement, and the contract buyout; and third, the USGA’s colossal fuckup at the US Open. As always, we’ll finish off the episode by making some predictions for this weekend and hopefully one of us will be right!

Before we get to the stories, we wanted to to give you a quick update on some of the sports we’ve discussed and some of the results from the last week.

  1. NASCAR Sprint Cup took the week off, but the Xfinity series ran at Iowa and Sam Hornish Jr. took home the win.
    1. Kyle Busch, Brad Keselowski, and Carl Edwards are the top 3 in standings, in that order.
  2. Dustin Johnson took home his first major win at the US Open after struggling through another rules debacle on the final day of play at Oakmont. 
  3. Lastly, Cleveland took home the Larry O’Brien championship trophy after defeating Golden State 93 to 89 on Sunday night, which is where we lead our discussion off!

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