Episode 65: NFL Hijinks, NASCAR’s Last Ride, and CFB Reactions

Predictions: Finally tallied the points from the crazy scheduled october weeks: Chappers 77, Kastle 70, Catman 69. I wasn’t able to pull the predictions from 62 because the audio wasn’t synced, so if you guys have that written down somewhere give it to me and I’ll fix it; otherwise, we are here as of now.

GotW: Rams vs Vikings or Raiders vs Pats?

DFotW: Bucs vs Dolphins, Packers vs Ravens, Cardinals vs Texans


Nascar Championship Winner:

Chappers: Vikings, Raiders, Bucs, Packers, Texans USC, RKB

Kastle: Rams, Pats, Bucs, Packers, Texans,  USC, Brad

Catman: Vikings, Raiders, Bucs, Ravens, Texans USC, Truex JR.


Episode 64: We go off script

Predictions: I still need to calculate from the two weeks that we ran as an incomplete crew, but Chappers is for sure still in the lead . . .

Game of the Week: Saints vs. Bills

Dumpsterfire of the week: Giants vs. 49ers

NCAA Game of the Weeks: Catholics vs. Convicts; O/U ejections 1.5

Chappers: Bills, Niners, Convicts, Under

Catman: Bills, Niners, Convicts, Over

Kastle: Saints, Giants, Convicts, Under

Episode 30: The Return of the (Clemson) Jedi

(Getty Images) May the Fourth Be With You, Deshaun



Two and a half stories this week. Catman with the NHL midseason review, NFL wild card game review, and a NCAA College Football Championship Discussion.

Predictions:  Catman at 40, Chappers at 39, and Kastle at 34

NFL Games: Seattle vs. Atlanta; Green Bay vs Dallas; Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City; Houston vs New England

Catman: Hotlanta, Green Bay, Kansas City, New England

Chappers: Hotlanta, Green bay, Pittsburgh, New England

Kastle: Hotlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England

Episode 28: Where we sit out our bowl game to talk the NFL playoff picture . . .


Tonight’s two stories are: players sitting out bowl games and the developing playoff picture in the NFL

Predictions: Catman at 35, chappers at 34, and Kastle at 28

GotW: Ravens vs. Steelers; DFotW: 49ers vs rams ; NCAA Bowl Game: Minnesota vs. Washington State ; NBA Christmas Day Game: Golden State vs. Cavs


Catman: Steelers, Rams (over), Wash, Cavs

Chappers: Steelers, Rams (Under), Wash, Golden State

Kastle: Steelers, 49ers (double down- under), Wash, Golden State