We Dem Kois?


About US:

Michael “Catman”: MN native, lover of: football, hockey,NASCAR, golf and soccer.

Connor “Chappers”: WI native, lover of: football, basketball, NASCAR, hockey, golf

Marcus “Kastle”: TX native, lover of: football, hockey, golf, NASCAR, soccer, and sometimes basketball.


The three of us met in Saint Paul, MN while attending school, and our friendship grew out of sports. We started by talking about football, then we transitioned to hockey, made our way to talking and playing golf together, and finally cemented things by getting drunk and watching NASCAR.

We like to take complex topics in sports and life, find a relation between them, and then forget what we’ve talked about.

The one question that we like to ask newcomers to the group to break the ice is, “Y’all like NASCAR?” The shock and awe of that question alone is a tell for whether or not someone can hang.